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Tom Cruise is known for doing his own crazy stunts, and his latest action flick is no exception.

“American Made” flies into theaters Friday, giving audiences a chance to see Cruise play real-life pilot Barry Seal, who became a drug smuggler and then an informant for the DEA.

Cruise is known for performing his own stunts and pushing the boundaries in the process. For “American Made,” he flew the planes himself, including one scene that required him to get out of the pilot’s seat – and it was filmed without anyone else in the aircraft.

Two pilots died and another was injured on set of “American Made” in 2015, but that isn’t stopping the action star. During filming of the sixth “Mission Impossible” movie in August, he broke his ankle while performing a stunt.

Many of Cruise’s daredevil stunts are memorable, so it’s time to see if you can match the action to the movie. Movies can be used more than once:


1. The action star spent months training and was nearly stabbed in the neck by a sword.

2. The actor dangled in the air alongside a cliff and even jumped at one point.

3. Cruise drives a motorcycle when his female costar pivots in front of him to shoot those pursuing them from behind.

4. Cruise ran, slid and shimmied along the side of skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

5. Cruise is suspended by a wire, maneuvering around during a heist.

6. Cruise hung from the side of an A400M while the military aircraft took off.

7. Instead of using CGI, Cruise let a (seemingly) out-of-control truck skid over him.

8. Cruise weaved through oncoming traffic and smashed into walls, cars and barrels in this car chase scene.

9. The actor held his breath for six minutes to film an underwater scene.

10. The actor cruised on the hood of a car during an action sequence.


“Mission: Impossible”

“Mission: Impossible II”

“Mission: Impossible III”

“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”

“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”

“Knight and Day”

“Jack Reacher”

“The Last Samurai”


1. The Last Samurai

2. Mission Impossible II

3. Knight and Day

4. Ghost Protocol

5. Mission: Impossible

6. Rogue Nation

7. Mission: Impossible III

8. Jack Reacher

9. Rogue Nation

10. Knight and Day

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