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Japan has been on a roll with live-action anime movies this year—yay! We know Japan has been throwing shade at Hollywood for whitewashing anime films in the past like Dragon Ball: Evolution, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and the soon to be released Netflix movie Death Note. Japan, we feel your pain and are anxiously waiting for your all-Japanese cast films. 

Full Metal Alchemist—the tragic and emotional story of two brothers on a journey to mastering the forbidden dark magic practice called alchemy— was illustrated and created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Alchemy isn’t fiction, it’s a real philosophical and protoscientific practice of transformation and creation through the process of exchange:

…In order to obtain anything, something of equal value is required. That is alchemy’s law of equivalent exchange. 

Arakawa certainly did his homework on alchemy which led to beautiful and accurate depictions of the symbols and processes involved in alchemy.

The Elric brothers lost their mother during their childhood. Determined to bring back their mother, they use alchemy to try to bring her back. Being young and barely even novices at the practice, they didn’t take into consideration of the main principal of alchemy; equivalent exchange.

Consequently, this led to (Edward) losing his right arm and left leg, and Al (Alphonse) losing his entire body in exchange for an empty suit of armor. Their journey begins here in the anime series, and continues in the movie where they master the art of alchemy in order to get their bodies, and hopefully their mother, back. 

The cast lineup looks amazing with Class A actors and actresses! Here’s the full lineup:

For all of you going to Anime Expo July 1st-July 4th in Los Angeles, you can catch Ryosuke Yamada, the protagonist of the Full Metal Alchemist , Assassination Classroom movies and member of Johnny’s Jr. boy band, Hey! Say! JUMP, and the movie director, Fumihiko Sori, will also be there! Unfortunately, Dean Fujioka will not be present—if he was we’d already have a ticket to be there in his face in a hot second! Check here for more information on Anime Expo and the Full Metal Alchemist movie.

If you aren’t already convinced this movie is going to be amazing, here’s another aspect: The CG is impressive! Perhaps it’s due to the fact that production was done by Warner Bros. Studio. In any case, we’re excited and have high hopes for this film. So, mark your calendars for Friday, Dec. 1st to be first in line to watch this (hopefully) amazing film! 

Full Metal Alchemist Movie Information (English)

Official Homepage (Japanese)

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